Five Quarterback Options for the Cardinals in 2017

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A rookie quarterback is unlikely, but is a possible option.

Starting fresh with a rookie quarterback is rarely ideal. Even if they play above expectations, they’re usually not ready for deep playoff runs. The Cardinals figure to be a contender, so this option would be a reach.

Depending on workouts, there should be some rookies that will be available in the middle of round one, which is where the Cardinals will likely be picking. Guys like DeShone Kizer from Notre Dame could be an option early in the draft. He has all the tools to succeed in Arizona’s offense, and adds mobility. A player like Mason Rudolph could be a day two option as well. He’s another big body who can zip it down the field. An intriguing guy could be Deshaun Watson, who isn’t as big, but is a dual-threat player who is a proven leader.

Depending on a rookie, as a team that looks to contend again next season, isn’t optimal, and isn’t very likely. There have been some rookie quarterbacks who have performed well in recent years, but rookies don’t win Super Bowls, and that’s still the goal for 2017. This is also not as heralded a class as in some recent seasons, and the options available early on might not be deemed good enough to take over right away.

This doesn’t mean that the Cardinals won’t draft a quarterback in next year’s draft, They just don’t seem like a team that will start from scratch at the quarterback position.