Five Obstacles the Arizona Cardinals Must Overcome in 2017

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Age is catching up to key members of the Cardinals offense

No matter how talented a player is, eventually they all succumb to the passing of time. Football is a rough sport on the human body, and even the most talented guys to ever play come to the end at some point.

Carson Palmer has a very good player for a very long time. He has been key in the Cardinals resurgence in the past few years. However, at 37 years old, his career has begun to wind down, and 2017 could be his last season. Statistically, he had one of his worst seasons as a pro, and it’s hard to imagine a huge jump in production next year.

Larry Fitzgerald is one of the greatest wide receivers the NFL has ever seen. Fans who have watched him over the course of his career have certainly noticed a change in his game. As he’s gotten older, he doesn’t have the speed and athleticism that defined his earlier years. He’s still catching a ton of passes, but his yards per reception average was a career low in 2016. He is also considering retirement.

Both Palmer and Fitzgerald are important cogs in the Cardinals offense, and have been for some time. Both could be entering the final years of their careers. Both will need to succeed, despite their age, in 2017 if the team wants to win big.