Arizona Cardinals brass continue to wear poker face, this time at a pre-draft press conference

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) Steve Keim
(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) Steve Keim /

The Arizona Cardinals held a pre-draft press conference and proceeded to say nothing new.

The Arizona Cardinals held a pre-draft press conference today featuring general manager Steve Keim and newly hired head coach Kliff Kingsbury. The result of the press conference was a lack of new information and continued confusion on just who will be the No. 1 overall pick on April 25th.

When asked about the draft process and who Keim may select, his response was far from an answer — a common tactic amongst most NFL executives as they very rarely reveal who will be their selection until it actually happens. He said;

"“We are not done with this process. — There are a number of players in my opinion and our scouts’ opinions and our coaching staff’s opinion that warrant being the first overall selection.”"

However, this typical, calculated response is a bit more interesting than in years prior with general managers holding the top pick. Why? Because the selection, if it’s not traded, may be one of three options; QB Kyler Murray, EDGE Nick Bosa, or DL Quinnen Williams. This is unique, as in recent memory most know who the pick will be or at least what position it will be. For instance, everyone knew the Browns would select a quarterback last year, and the year prior everyone and their grandmother pegged Myles Garrett to be the top pick to the same team.

But that’s not the case this year. The Cardinals have continued to wear a poker face. Although most draft experts and some NFL insiders are claiming that Kyler Murray will be the pick, the Cardinals haven’t revealed anything close to resembling their plans and have also brought in all three of the previously aforementioned top pick candidates in for extensive private visits.

dark. Next. Still no decision on number one for Arizona Cardinals

Luckily the draft is just nine days away. Cardinals fans may have to continue to sit through the endless amount of trade rumors, gossip, and speculation until then. But the end is near, meaning the Cardinals will soon be a much better team than in 2018. Or so we hope.