Arizona football fans need this Nuk t-shirt from BreakingT


Arizona already had some offensive weapons. Now, they’ve got a full-blown Nuk on the roster. Time to celebrate with a t-shirt from our friends at BreakingT.

Arizona pulled off a huge trade with Houston yesterday, nabbing an All-Pro receiver who is just 27-years-old.

That’s right, DeAndre Hopkins is coming to the desert. Which means, of course, that it’s time to celebrate. How? Well, we’re glad you asked.

The best way we know how is with our friends at BreakingT, who just dropped an amazing new t-shirt. Check it out below.

BreakingT /

Arizona already has a few offensive weapons, but they just added a Nuk to their arsenal.  

  • Black and white print on a super-comfortable heather scarlet tee.
  • Premium, lightweight tri-blended crewneck. Durable, yet ultra-soft.
  • Unisex sizing with a snug fit.
  • Designed by Nick Torres.
  • Printed in the USA.

Don’t wait on this one. BreakingT shirts are everything you could ever want in a t-shirt. They’re incredibly soft and comfortable, but they also fit perfectly and stand up to multiple wash cycles.

At this point, I wear almost exclusively BreakingT shirts and I have no regrets. Order yours today for just $28 and tell the entire world who you’re rooting for.