Three trickeries the Arizona Cardinals will face in week nine

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The Arizona Cardinals return from their bye week and get to prepare for an upstart Miami Dolphins as they head into week nine.

And this game is a potential trap. The Arizona Cardinals could have scoffed at their week nine matchup against Miami three months ago. The talent discrepancy is there with the Cardinals holding the edge on paper. But here the Dolphins sit at 4-3 and are playing arguably their most inspired football behind rookie quarterback Tua Tagovailoa.

And if you tuned into Sunday’s matchup pitting the Dolphins against the Cardinals division rival, the Los Angeles Rams, you saw a team that confused quarterback Jared Goff with complicated blitz packages. Meanwhile, the Miami offense used a quick-hit offensive approach to keep pressure off of Tagovailoa.

And it worked like a charm as the Dolphins made a very good Rams team look like fodder in a 28-17 win. For the Cardinals, it means that a Dolphins team lacking talent on both sides of the ball are winning games with their wits. Outsmarting opponents by belittling them on defense while playing to their offense’s strengths.

Here are three trickeries the Dolphins used to upset the Rams in week eight. Trickeries the Cardinals must be prepared for if they wish to avoid the same trap their rivals fell prey to.

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