Arizona Cardinals enter the prove it stretch of the 2020 NFL season

The Arizona Cardinals have been a fun team to watch, even for fans following other football teams.

Starting with what was then considered an upset in a 24-20 win back in week one over the San Francisco 49ers, the Arizona Cardinals saw their fair share of thrillers over their first ten games of the season. The Cardinals have won games on Hail Marys, epic come from behind wins, and a few offensive clinics in blowout victories.

Yeah, they let a few games slip from their grasp, including losses to the Detroit Lions and Miami Dolphins, both of whom find themselves in the same class as the Cardinals as up and coming NFL teams. Either way, the Cards have posted wins over the 49ers, the Seattle Seahawks, and the Buffalo Bills, each of whom (when healthy) are among the NFL’s most dangerous teams.

Now, the Cardinals enter the prove it stretch of the schedule where they will hardly see an easy game from here on out. Over the final six games, they will see matchups with the always-dangerous New England Patriots, two dates with the Los Angeles Rams, another dance with a 49ers team who may have some old offensive power back in their corner, plus a Philadelphia Eagles team who always seems to figure things out in December.

Of the team’s final six games, only the New York Giants outing looks like a surefire win. But as we are constantly reminded, there are no easy wins in the NFL. Especially when you’re the Arizona Cardinals. An NFL franchise with just one NFL championship in the last 75 seasons and a handful of division wins, playoff appearances, and playoff wins.

While the 2020 incarnation of the Cardinals can righten the ship for at least the next decade, they must first prove they can win games down the stretch, earn a trip to the playoffs, and ultimately win the NFC West. They have proven they can hang with the NFL’s best. Now they must prove they can hang with the NFL’s best for a full 17-week schedule.