Arizona Cardinals fans response, thoughts on free agency

Last week, I wrote an article asking for your input as if you were the GM and I would write about your thoughts.

With the input from one of our Arizona Cardinals fans response to my call for thoughts, Steve88 provided a handful of answers. Lets get into it.

1. Offer Patrick Peterson a cap friendly backloaded deal of 2 years for 16 Million and if he walks, he walks.

I’m all for this. He and Larry need to start helping the team out if they want to stay by not having massive contracts until their play reaches that level again. I am more than prepared to draft a rookie and have Byron Murphy hold down the starting role.

2. Thank Larry Legend for a career well done and let’s turn the chapter unless he accepts 6 million to be the 4th receiver on this team. Cut Isabella and accept that you drafted the wrong guy.

I think that Keim won’t do this for years , similar to how he admitted that whiffing on Russell Wilson was his biggest mistake. But what that being said, should you ever really admit that to the public?

3. NEVER pay a RB 8 million per year, especially not a Kenyan Drake type. Let Drake go.  Eno Benjamin doesn’t play ST’s so he was inactive all year. I see him as the 3rd back on any team, until he proves himself. Draft a guy in the 3rd round that can be the lead horse because it is NOT Chase Edmonds.

I appreciate the fact that someone sees that Edmonds is not a viable starter. But the team needs to keep Drake, as he scored 10 touchdowns on the season and many of them were close to the goal line. It’s already known that Kliff Kingsbury doesn’t want to give the ball to Kyler Murray under center, especially 4th and 1. He’s our only threat to punch it in. Pay him whatever he needs to stay. We saw what he can do in 2019 and with an improved offensive line scheme, the team could regain that.

4. Upgrade with a top flight right tackle( YES, he’s already on the roster in Josh Jones so plug him in already) [the team does] need a major upgrade at wide receiver so KM and D Hop are not alone, add a cover corner or two. Also, add a dominant nose tackle for that 3-4 defense.

I wrote about this last week. Josh Jones would need to convert to RT after being a LT in college. It does take time to do this, as it changes your pass sets, flips your stance and among other things.
I would hope the team can sign a veteran FA WR, but my hopes are limited on that. Our cap space provides quite a hurdle.

Our defensive line is fine too. Could you imagine what Chandler Jones would’ve drawn in matchups to let the interior DL feast? Let’s give it another year before we go sign another DT. Angelo Blackson had a great year for someone who was new to the team.

5. DO NOT give Chandler Jones another monster contract. Trade him for a 2nd or 3rd round pick.

I’m Gonna disagree with this one here after having some time to think about it. If he continues to get double digit sacks, keep the guy. He’s been nothing but a joy to have in the desert and remember he only missed leading the league in sacks in 2019 by 1/2 of a sack to Shaquill Barrett.

6. NEVER EVER pass up a player like DK Metcalf for a Smurf like Isabella again.

I think if anything the players who seem to be “physical freaks of nature” DK, Lamar Jackson (skill set) and others need to be drafted. Otherwise they come back to haunt you, and we’re seeing that here. Today’s players are better athletes than in the past, and if it burns you, oh well. Better to have tried than to have passed and play against them for years to come.

7.The jury is still out on Isaiah Simmons. I posted about 15 times on another website that we should draft Alabama’s Jedrick Wills or Tristan Wirfs at RT or go with CeeDee Lamb at #8. Or we could [have] trade down to the mid to late teens for a 2nd round pick. I posted this at least 15 times that after trading down to the mid to late teens we could draft LSU’s Justin Jefferson. How nice would that have been? Lol

Simmons was the right pick. He just needs more playing time as the Cardinals are very protective of playing their rookies, sans Murray. Simmons will be a starter next season, if not getting a completely different amount of reps. I am excited about his future and what a real offseason will do for this team.

Big shout-out to Steve88 for providing a great Arizona Cardinals fans response to the team’s free agency. Don’t be afraid to comment your thoughts and have a chance to be a part of the mailbag going forward!