Where JJ Watt ranks among Cardinals best free agent signings

If you didn’t hear by now, JJ Watt is an Arizona Cardinal. No, and that is not a drill. for the second year in a row the Cardinals make a huge splash in the offseason, and also take a player from the Texans roster and make it their own.

This is definitely one of the biggest signings that the Arizona Cardinals have ever had in their entire history. Names like Carson Palmer, Kurt Warner, and more all come to mind when we think about the signings that have changed the Cardinals future.

Let’s face the truth here, Arizona has never been a free agency destination for anyone in their prime. It’s always been the Emmitt Smith’s, John Abraham’s, and Dwight Freeney’s of the world who have signed here. Yet despite all of that, though veterans who are claimed to be washed up end up usually being pretty good performers for the Cardinals in their final years of playing.

JJ Watt is easily the best signing the Arizona Cardinals have ever made in their team’s history. While some may argue that Warner should be in that spot, let me give you my reasoning. The Arizona Cardinals have never had a big name defensive player. Maybe Bertrand Berry, but when people think of the Cardinals they don’t think about defense.

For this to come during the team’s ascension in the league as a potential playoff contender, is earth-shattering. From now on, if Watt ends up making an impact, he’ll be remembered as the franchise’s greatest defender ever. Even more so than Chandler Jones.

Watt has had such influence on so many young kids with his “dream big, work hard” slogan and his humanitarian side with the  hurricane relief efforts. He’s also a very classy individual on top of it, and a hard working Wisconsite on top of it all.

Now armed with a lethal pass rush and linebackers, this team has to be in the playoffs or they’ll be the laughingstock of the league. Big risk, big reward is how Steve Keim is treating this delicate offseason.

Watt looks to provide a shock into the other NFC West quarterbacks’ plans. So bring on Matt Stafford, Jimmy Garoppolo, and whoever will be there in Seattle.


The Cardinals are here to compete. Let the games begin.