Recent comments from Kyler Murray should concern the Cardinals

(Photo by Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports) Kyler Murray
(Photo by Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports) Kyler Murray /

Heading into his third season with the Arizona Cardinals, Kyler Murray is still talking about the possibility of playing baseball.

When the Arizona Cardinals drew up the rookie contract for quarterback Kyler Murray back in 2019, there was a specific clause in the agreement that the team felt was very necessary. According to the terms of his current deal with the Cardinals, Murray is prohibited from playing baseball, his other favorite sport.

Despite what his contract says, it hasn’t prevented the Arizona quarterback from commenting on his desire to still play professional baseball one day.

He’s talked about this subject multiple times in the past and on Thursday, Murray’s name was back in the headlines for some new thoughts on the topic that Cardinals fans probably wish he would quit dragging on.

Would Kyler Murray ever leave the Arizona Cardinals to play baseball?

If anyone follows Murray on his social media accounts, then they should have seen the Sports Illustrated cover he posted on Thursday featuring him, Bronny James, and members of the E-Sports organization known as the FaZe Clan.

Murray was “drafted” by the FaZe Clan back in April and he recently discussed the possibility of becoming one of the first-ever three-sport athletes by playing football, gaming professionally, and, of course, heading out onto the baseball diamond on a regular basis.

"“I still hold on to the three-sport title. If the time came where I got to do what I wanted to do, which, I don’t know, but I’m leaving it open. I think I can still play [baseball] for sure, but we’ll add the gaming on to that. Don’t shortchange me, please.I played [baseball] my whole life. If I ever had the opportunity, for sure, I would definitely go for it. What are we talking about? I’m sure anyone asking me about it would [take that opportunity] too. I’m not trying to start anything. I’m just talking.”"

While he says that he’s not trying to cause any controversy or start any drama with his comments, it’s going to happen. Mostly because this isn’t the first time he’s discussed the possibility of playing baseball.

Murray is probably going to talk about it again in the future, so will there ever be a time where he attempts to make it a reality?

Let’s just say Arizona picks up the fifth-year option on his rookie contract and extends his deal with the team through the 2023 season. If this happens, Murray will be 26 during the final year of his rookie contract and he would really be at the crossroads of trying to figure out if he wants to remain in the NFL or if he wants to give baseball a shot.

Could his love of baseball be enough to possibly reject a massive amount of money that could be offered to him by the Cardinals in the form of a contract extension?

It’s hard to believe that anyone would turn down a possible nine-figure contract offer. But for some guys, it’s not about the money.

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For now, Arizona fans should expect Murray to continue on with their favorite team for another handful of years. But the Cardinals and their fans have every right to be concerned whenever the team’s starting quarterback decides to bring up the possibility of playing baseball again in the future.