DeAndre Hopkins shows support for Sha’Carri Richardson

(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images) Sha'Carri Richardson
(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images) Sha'Carri Richardson /

Arizona Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins recently expressed his support for Olympic athlete, Sha’Carri Richardson.

The athletes of the world continue to voice their support for Sha’Carri Richardson. One of those athletes is DeAndre Hopkins, the star wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals.

After Richardson qualified for the delayed 2021 Olympics in Tokyo, she failed a drug test. Richardson had just learned about the death of her mother and she used marijuana as a method to help ease the pain.

That wound up being in her system when she was given her drug test at the Olympic trials in June and one of the gold medal favorites in the women’s 100-meter dash will not be running in the race she’s trained so hard for. Richardson was given a 30-day ban after the positive test and the USA Olympic committee will not have her competing in this year’s event.

Arizona Cardinals star receiver DeAndre Hopkins is in the corner of Sha’Carri Richardson

Enter Hopkins who posted a photo on his Instagram account of him and Richardson that featured him wearing a shirt with the words “I’m human” on the back. The post went viral on Instagram, and other NFL stars such as Patrick Mahomes have also voiced their displeasure about the use of marijuana not being permitted in some sports.

We’re seeing more and more athletes befriend each other across all sports, and especially women’s sports. The NBA promoting the WNBA is a prime example. As the world begins to understand that women’s sports can be just as entertaining as men’s sports.

It also a good thing to see a Cardinals player sticking up for Richardson, especially when it’s someone of Hopkins’ caliber. Hopkins, along with the team’s newest star J.J. Watt, is helping to change the culture in the desert.

Gone are the days of being a “retirement home,” Arizona is taking a different approach to the season from a mentality standpoint thanks to these two men.

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We’ll see what happens to Richardson moving forward. At least she knows she’s got friends in the desert.