Patrick Peterson trashes Cardinals general manager Steve Keim

(Photo by Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports) Patrick Peterson
(Photo by Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports) Patrick Peterson /

Minnesota Vikings cornerback Patrick Peterson continues to create bulletin board material for the Arizona Cardinals heading into the 2021 season.

Before he eventually decided to sign with the Minnesota Vikings, some didn’t think Patrick Peterson would ever suit up for another team during his NFL career other than the Arizona Cardinals.

But Peterson‘s final two years with the Cardinals went much different than his first eight seasons in the desert. Everything that went down between the veteran cornerback and Arizona since 2019 ultimately resulted in his departure from the franchise this year.

During the last few months, Peterson hasn’t been quiet about how things ended with the Cardinals. Most recently, he went after the track record of current Arizona general manager Steve Keim.

Patrick Peterson setting the stage for a big Week 2 matchup between the Arizona Cardinals and Minnesota Vikings

Since signing with the Vikings, Peterson has been utilizing his podcast “All Things Covered” to get some things off of his chest.

This was certainly the case during a recent episode of his podcast, which is also co-hosted by former Cardinals cornerback Bryant McFadden. Peterson didn’t hold anything back when talking about the latest trade rumors surrounding Arizona pass rusher Chandler Jones.

Peterson asked McFadden “what did [Steve Keim] do lately? I’m talking about the record. It’s all about what you have done lately.”

McFadden then answered with “[the Cardinals] draft hasn’t really been good,” to which Peterson replied “oh, okay,” while nodding with a smirk on his face. The Minnesota cornerback then asked, “how come coaches are always on the hot seat, but GMs are not?”

Peterson then stated that he “always thinks it’s so weird for [Arizona] to always take care of other guys, there’s nothing wrong with taking care of other guys, but you don’t take care of the guys that have been there? C’mon man.”

The former Cardinals first-round pick ended his thoughts on the topic with “most good GMs have a five to 10-year plan, and I don’t think they have that [in Arizona].”

It’s been known that Peterson wasn’t too happy with the way things came to a close in Arizona. But he definitely made his current feelings about his old team very clear with his comments in this podcast episode.

Peterson will get a chance to go up against the team that drafted him during the upcoming season when he brings his new teammates in Minnesota to the desert in Week 2 for a matchup with the Cardinals inside State Farm Stadium.

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You can guarantee that Arizona head coach Kliff Kingsbury will be testing Peterson early in the game to see if his bite is as big as his bark. Might as well get some popcorn cooking now, because this Week 2 showdown is quickly turning into game of the week material.