Patrick Peterson cannot resist making a fool of himself

(Photo by Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports) Patrick Peterson
(Photo by Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports) Patrick Peterson /

Current Minnesota Vikings cornerback Patrick Peterson is still talking about his former team, the Arizona Cardinals. 

Stop me if you’ve heard this before. Former Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson is talking trash about his old team. It’s been a fall from grace for Peterson, now with the Minnesota Vikings, during the recent past.

Let’s have a quick refresher about his journey from franchise corner to absolute fool.

First, he was suspended for a positive PED test in 2019. Then a little later, he asked for Arizona to trade him two separate times, which he then tried to save face with “Cardinals for life!” comments. Following his return from his PED suspension, he went on to have the two worst seasons of his career in 2019 and 2020, getting beat by everyone.

Following the conclusion of last season, he was so confident that Arizona wasn’t going to move on from him, calling a FanSided report about his possible departure “a dirty rumor.” Then once he realized he wasn’t going to remain with the Cardinals, he said he wanted to play for a contender, and he chose the Vikings, who have missed the playoffs in two of the last three years.

It’s a comedy of errors by Peterson himself. His latest spewing of verbal garbage came after the news of Malcolm Butler being placed on Arizona’s Reserve/Retired list.

Butler had been away from the team for a few days due to a personal issue that ultimately resulted in him hanging up the cleats.

Former Arizona Cardinals CB Patrick Peterson shows zero class with social media post

On Tuesday, Peterson posted an Instagram story that took a shot at both the Cardinals organization and Butler himself. In that post, he showed how much of a villain he’s become (and his lack of grammar).

Really Mr. Peterson? Did you have to take it there? We get that you’re the one in the type of relationship everyone goes through where it’s just not working anymore and one person is overly desperate to make it work. It’s over! Why do you have to continue to take shots at an organization after you were the one who started the fire?

Another thing to think about is what Alex Clancy of the “Locked On Cardinals” podcast mentioned on Tuesday and that is the fact that Peterson is very quickly taking himself out of any chance he has of being inducted in the Cardinals Ring of Honor one day.

A jersey number is all it took to for Peterson to deliver his latest shot at Arizona. He should do himself a favor and just stop talking about his former team while he can.

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Cardinals fans can’t wait for Peterson to return to the desert in Week 2. The chance of seeing him get burnt to a crisp against DeAndre Hopkins and Rondale Moore is going to be a great thing to watch.

Oh, and thanks for giving Arizona the bulletin board material.