Kyler Murray is irritated and the Cardinals should be thrilled about it

(Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images) Kyler Murray
(Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images) Kyler Murray /

Despite leading his team to wins in their first two games, Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray still isn’t satisfied with how things have gone so far this season.

After the first two weeks of the 2021 season, the Arizona Cardinals are one of seven teams around the league that still haven’t lost a game.

Despite their early success this year, Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray knows his team still has plenty to fix if they’re going to contend for one of the top spots in the NFC this season.

Following Arizona’s win over the Minnesota Vikings last Sunday, it took less than 30 seconds for Murray to claim that he was frustrated with how he and the team performed in the matchup. He knows the Cardinals came away with the victory, but he also understands that some of the mistakes they made against the Vikings cannot continue to happen in the future.

Kyler Murray knows the Arizona Cardinals can be even better this season

Most players in the NFL are typically happy when their team gets a win, no matter how close they came to losing. But happy is not the vibe Murray was giving off following Arizona’s Week 2 win over Minnesota.

He repeatedly talked about being frustrated that he and the Cardinals’ offense couldn’t finish the job when they had the chance at the end of the matchup with the Vikings. After he was asked about the potential of Arizona’s offense, he immediately talked about how the unit can’t shoot themselves in the foot.

These are usually things players bring up after a loss. But Murray had no problem airing his grievances after the Cardinals’ improved their 2021 record to 2-0.

Most might like to tell the Arizona quarterback to lighten up a little and enjoy the win. But the Cardinals should be thrilled with the approach that Murray is currently taking.

He wants Arizona to be one of the best teams in the NFL, and he knows the incredible potential that the Cardinals possess this year.

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When they’re at the top of their game, Arizona can hang with pretty much any team in the league. Murray is just doing what he can to make sure the Cardinals are at the top of their game as much as possible this season.