Why the Green Bay Packers owe the Arizona Cardinals a Super Bowl ring

Mike Jones, #75 is the player that changed the NFL landscape in the 1990s. (Getty Images credit)
Mike Jones, #75 is the player that changed the NFL landscape in the 1990s. (Getty Images credit) /
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The Green Bay Packers owe the Arizona Cardinals big time.

All it came down to was a simple agreement. Had Larry Wilson accepted a trade with Ron Wolf, the Green Bay Packers may not have ever returned to the current level at which they reside. Green Bay needs to give the Arizona Cardinals a ring for their declination of said offer.

At the very least the Cardinals shouldn’t be booed the next time they’re in Lambeau. Remember who helped get your team into the 2003 playoffs? It’s only fair. Irony strikes again as the Cardinals beat the Packers in that same year (20-13).

The Arizona Cardinals could have gone a bit further in the 1998 NFC playoffs had Favre been under center to battle the Minnesota Vikings in the divisional round. This is no shot at Jake Plummer (one of the greatest Arizona Cardinals of all time), but Favre is Favre for a reason.

Is this karma’s sort of cosmic way of getting back around to the Green Bay Packers? The Arizona Cardinals unknowingly gave up a Hall of Famer and a title, only to win crucial playoff matchups in 2009 and 2015 that would stop their heir apparent from reaching the Super Bowl for a second time?

Or what about the 2018 loss in which Mason Crosby missed the game-tying field goal and losing to the abysmal 2018 Cardinals, whose two wins had come against one opponent (San Francisco 49ers)? This loss was the nail in the coaching career-coffin for Mike McCarthy, who also won Super Bowl XLV.

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When it comes time for the Green Bay Packers to take on the Arizona Cardinals on Thursday Night Football this season, just remember how different both (if not all) of these teams could be different had Larry Wilson accepted that trade.