3 favorable matchups for the Cardinals in Week 10 vs. the Panthers

(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) Jordan Hicks and Budda Baker
(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) Jordan Hicks and Budda Baker /
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Quarterback Play

The previous two sections have already made their implications, but whether Colt McCoy or Kyler Murray get the nod on Sunday, it’s clear the Cardinals are light years ahead in the quarterback category. Even if Newton were to be slated to play on Sunday, the Cardinals would still hold the edge.

What makes Colt McCoy such a good option to turn to? He understands his physical limitations. McCoy does not have a strong arm, but he’s accurate, having completed at least 60.6 percent of his passes in extended playing time over the past four seasons. And with a talented unit of skill position players, it allows McCoy to take what the defense gives him, methodically driving his team down the field.

Then there’s Murray, who at the time of this writing is a game-time decision on Sunday. An MVP Candidate in 2021, Murray has so far increased his completion percentage by 5.5 percent since 2020. He has also increased his touchdown pass percentage by 1.9 percent, his yards per pass attempt by 1.8 yards, and his quarterback rating by 16.1.

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Regardless of who starts, or if the two operate in a timeshare (just throwing all possibilities out there), the edge at quarterback play will significantly help the Cardinals while the Panthers will rely on Walker and journeyman Matt Barkley.