Cardinals join exclusive club after demolishing the Bears

(Photo by Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports) Byron Murphy
(Photo by Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports) Byron Murphy /

The Arizona Cardinals are making history with their road game performance during the 2021 season.

Part of the incredible 10-2 start by the Arizona Cardinals this season has been due to their impeccable performance when on the road. Of all of the numbers that came from the Cardinals’ win over the Chicago Bears on Sunday, the one that may be the most important is the victory itself.

Arizona’s latest win over the orange-clad Bears improved their road record to 7-0 this year. All seven of those wins have been by 10 or more points, a feat that only two other teams had matched before. Rich Eisen talked at length on his radio show on Monday about how there is not much buzz around the Cardinals this season, especially over this stat.

The two other teams, as Eisen points out were the 1968 Dallas Cowboys and the 1984 San Francisco 49ers. Only the 49ers won the Super Bowl of those two teams, but that shows how dominant Arizona has been.

Arizona Cardinals must now apply their road success to State Farm Stadium

With three more home games on the schedule, Arizona has to take care of business inside their own building from here on out, one game at a time.

One can hope for the Green Bay Packers to lose a game until the cows come home, but that’s not worth the energy. The Cardinals’ next matchup is a Monday night game against the Los Angeles Rams.

It’s been a long time for Arizona since their last big primetime win, which most likely came in the 2015 season. Whether that was the Cincinnatti or Baltimore game from that season, the choice is yours.

After next week’s matchup with the Rams, Arizona’s next home game is against the Indianapolis Colts on Christmas Day. Colts running back Jonathan Taylor is currently the leading rusher in the NFL and he might be the Cardinals’ kryptonite.

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Road games against the Detroit Lions in Week 15 and against the Dallas Cowboys in Week 17 will be no easy task for Arizona either, as the “Any given Sunday” adage still applies.