Antonio Brown signing with Cardinals would contradict Steve Keim’s career

(Photo by Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports) Antonio Brown
(Photo by Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports) Antonio Brown /

There is no reason Arizona Cardinals general manager Steve Keim should sign Antonio Brown as it would contradict one of his biggest viewpoints.

Remember each year with the Arizona Cardinals heading into free agency that general manager Steve Keim would never sign a player that had some off-the-field issues, claiming that the team doesn’t sign guys who don’t fit the culture? There were countless players Cardinals fans wanted on the team, but Keim never brought them in.

A simple Google search does not do anyone good, so this is more from a matter of experience of being a Cardinals fan since 2004. The only player that had ever had any character issues was Tyrann Mathieu arriving via the NFL Draft in 2013.

Since that time, Keim has never taken a risk on a player like that. That’s why if he brings in Antonio Brown, it would contradict his entire career, and open him up to a barrage of questions about why he chose to do this now instead of years earlier.

Arizona Cardinals must stay away from Antonio Brown

There’s no benefit for Arizona to sign Brown to the team. For those who will say he’s a replacement for DeAndre Hopkins, that’s not an acceptable reason. Besides, it would put all of those Christian Kirk and A.J. Green truthers in quite a bind.

The thing is, Brown likely needs to get a bunch of things straightened out before he ever returns to an NFL field.

The details of everything that went down last week during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ matchup against the New York Jets are still emerging. The last thing that one would do to a playoff team (remember, this is the first time six seasons the Cardinals are here) is bring in a distraction.

Brown’s situation is a distraction and possibly bringing bulletin board material to whoever Arizona plays in the wild card round.

Signing Brown would be a fatal mistake on a team that’s barely managed to get anything right down the stretch during the last three seasons.

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