3 head coach upgrades over Kliff Kingsbury for the Cardinals

(Photo by Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports) Raheem Morris
(Photo by Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports) Raheem Morris /
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Arizona Cardinals
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Doug Pederson

Who better to build the Cardinals into a Super Bowl contender than a Super Bowl-winning coach? Doug Pederson has received a few interviews during this coaching cycle, so if the Cardinals are serious about ousting Kingsbury and pursuing the former Philadelphia Eagles coach, they need to pounce on the situation.

But why would you not hire Pederson? The guy is one of just two coaches to have beaten Tom Brady in the Super Bowl. He took a mediocre talent in Carson Wentz and at least made him look halfway decent back in 2017. And he did all of this in two seasons when the Eagles were supposed to be in for a long rebuild.

Yeah, Pederson had a sour ending to his career in Philadelphia. But he’s a proven commodity who could be a great fit to perhaps move Murray past his mediocre performances late in the season. Pederson should be number one on any NFL team’s list as a hot coaching candidate.