5 Arizona Cardinals who exceeded their draft expectations

(Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images) Tyrann Mathieu
(Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images) Tyrann Mathieu /
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Despite the struggles the Arizona Cardinals faced over the years in the NFL Draft, a few exceeded expectations despite their middling draft status.

The Arizona Cardinals have seen plenty of mid-to-late-round draft picks develop into solid contributors. And while most draft picks in the third round or lower are often relegated to backup roles and journeyman careers, some solidify themselves as solid starters and even Pro Bowl-caliber talent.

Today, we will talk about five Cardinals who rose above initial expectations and carved outstanding careers for themselves. Every Cardinal you see listed below must have made contributions to the Cardinals. So, for example, you won’t find Logan Thomas (Washington) on this list.

The Cardinals must have also drafted the player in the third round or later. This list also pertains only to the Phoenix/Arizona Cardinals, so you won’t see anyone listed from the St. Louis or Chicago days. Also, the player must have at least three years of NFL experience, so the most recent possible pick would come in 2019.

Who made the top five? Keep reading to find out.