Cardinals absolutely need to trade for this quarterback in 2022

(Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images) Davis Mills
(Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images) Davis Mills /

The Arizona Cardinals seem to be at odds with Kyler Murray. As a backup plan, they should consider trading for Houston Texans quarterback Davis Mills.

But that doesn’t mean the Arizona Cardinals shouldn’t be in the market for a quarterback. Hey, Colt McCoy is a great backup. But he’s also going to be 36 and there’s a chance the team lets him walk. And since Trace McSorley has yet to prove he’s even worthy enough to stick around as a clipboard holder, the Cardinals definitely need an insurance policy under center.

What if this situation isn’t resolved and Murray ends up sitting out the 2022 season? Again, they often solve themselves.

Just look at Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson. But, the ‘what if‘ always exists. Or, what if Murray again misses time with an injury? He hasn’t exactly stayed healthy these last two seasons.

Arizona Cardinals need to trade for a viable backup quarterback

Is there a viable backup quarterback that’s also a fair starter, or was a fair starter on a bad football team in 2021? Yes, that quarterback is Davis Mills. While Mills did enough to at least garner a second look from the Houston Texans, they may also decide to go in another direction, especially if a top quarterback prospect like Kenny Pickett or Sam Howell nails the pre-draft process.

Mills knows the Cardinals well, having put up a grand total of three points against their defense. In fact, Mills struggled for most of last season. Until former coach David Culley decided to give him a chance in the final month. He knew Tyrod Taylor was a backup, so what did he have in Mills?

A quarterback worthy of starting in the NFL. Yeah, he’d be a backup in Arizona with Murray around; but at worst, Mills is reminiscent of Matt Schaub, a backup who started for a few seasons, in Houston!

Yeah, Mills finished the season 2-9 while Taylor finished 2-4. But really, you could’ve put Tom Brady on that roster, and they still wouldn’t have won more than eight games. Okay, Brady may have been the one quarterback who could have saved the situation. But only if they stayed out of his way for all 17 games.

Listen, Mills played well with a roster full of veteran rentals. He finished the season as the second-best quarterback statistically behind Mac Jones of the New England Patriots. He proved he could develop into a sound NFL starter. And he makes for a brilliant insurance policy if Murray were to leave or wind up on injured reserve.

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If Davis Mills doesn’t start for a team in 2021, he’s the best backup quarterback in football. If he starts somewhere, he’s proven he has the potential to become a high-end starter, especially if he has talent surrounding him.