3 contributing factors to the Cardinals collapse in 2021

(Photo by Chris Coduto/Getty Images) Kliff Kingsbury
(Photo by Chris Coduto/Getty Images) Kliff Kingsbury /
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Arizona Cardinals
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After getting off to such a great start, what led to the collapse of the Arizona Cardinals during the 2021 season?

The Arizona Cardinals have spent eons as the NFL’s most polarizing franchise. Founded in 1898 as the Morgan Athletic Club, the Cardinals are the NFL’s oldest franchise, and you’d think they’d have more than just two titles to show for it.

Okay, two titles, according to the Bidwills. But it depends on who you ask regarding the 1925 NFL Championship, especially when you take a trip to Pottsville, Pennsylvania.

That said, sports curses most definitely exist. Just look at cities and franchises across the four North American Pro Sports leagues that either can’t win a championship or spent between 80 and 100-plus seasons between titles.

Given the Cardinals epic meltdowns that you can trace back to the NFL’s formative days sans 1925 and 1947, it’s probable that someone put a curse on this franchise since there were only 48 states the last time they won a championship.

And while we can blame sports curses all we like, ArizonaSports.com recently wrote about how the injury to DeAndre Hopkins was the main factor for the team’s late-season skidSo one player caused an epic meltdown?

Didn’t the Cardinals go 2-1 without star quarterback Kyler Murray and Hopkins? Obviously, Hopkins’ absence contributed to the meltdown. Can you call it the main factor? Here are three factors that contributed to the team’s late-season collapse. And no, sports curses are speculative, so they’re not included.