Pros and cons to a Kyler Murray extension from the Arizona Cardinals

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Cons of a Kyler Murray extension

Kyler Murray may have reached the apex of his potential. While he has improved somewhat over the past three seasons, those improvements have been minute.

Joe Burrow just took an inferior Cincinnati Bengals team to the Super Bowl and nearly won the game. Murray, who was drafted one season before Burrow, has yet to lead a more talented Cardinals team to a playoff win.

While an extension mainly guarantees Murray sticks around for a few more seasons, will he treat Cardinals fans to more fools gold? For two straight seasons, Murray started off hot, hence his Pro Bowl bids. Only to tail off along with the rest of the Cardinals. Good quarterbacks pick their teams up, and Murray has yet to do this.

Also, keeping Murray around may not allow the Cardinals to develop sound leadership qualities at the game’s most important position. Murray has yet to show leadership the way one expects a quarterback to. Again, compare him to Burrow, who has become the most recognizable face on the Bengals.

When you think of Cincinnati these days, Burrow comes to mind. He’s a leader and a winner. When you think of the Cardinals, Murray’s face might pop into your mind. But it’s also likely you’ll think of DeAndre Hopkins and, before his departure, Chandler Jones.