Why the Cardinals still need to consider trading Kyler Murray

(Photo by Michael Chow/The Republic/USA TODAY NETWORK) Kyler Murray
(Photo by Michael Chow/The Republic/USA TODAY NETWORK) Kyler Murray /
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Arizona Cardinals
(Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images) Kyler Murray /

Recent news implies Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray will not play without a new contract for the 2022 NFL Season. 

The Arizona Cardinals kept a solid core group of players this offseason, having recently brought back another in the serviceable A.J. Green. So if quarterback Kyler Murray makes good on his threats and ends up sitting out the season, this team is going nowhere with backup Colt McCoy.

While Murray may say he wants to stay in Arizona, the Cardinals really have no reason to sign him to a record deal or a long-term extension. In his three seasons with the Cardinals, Murray, despite Rookie of the Year honors and two Pro Bowls, has underperformed, leading the Cardinals to zero division titles and zero playoff wins.

You can put up exciting numbers all you want, but Murray, like his head coach, has hit a wall for three straight seasons. He has never thrown for over 26 touchdowns in a single season, and injuries are also taking their toll. In short, Murray is nothing more than a mid-tier quarterback who is overrated because of his dual-threat ability.

So who should the Cardinals consider trading Kyler Murray to, and who should be their top target to replace him? The Cardinals could draft a quarterback, or they could trade for one specific quarterback. In the following slides, we will explore the issues.