Kyler Murray emphatically commits to the Cardinals

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) Kyler Murray
(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) Kyler Murray /

On Friday, Kyler Murray took to Twitter to show how committed he is to being the starting quarterback of the Arizona Cardinals.

Since the end of the 2021 season, much of the headlines about the Arizona Cardinals have surrounded quarterback Kyler Murray and his future with the franchise.

A social media scrub ignited a firestorm and the last few months have been full of rumors, trade ideas, and poorly formatted statements from agents.

But on Friday, the Cardinals quarterback did something he probably should have done a long time ago. Shortly after Arizona general manager declared that there is “zero chance” of the team trading Murray this year, the young signal-caller made a few posts on his Twitter account that cemented his commitment to the organization moving forward.

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Murray started by posting a response to the recent comments from former Arizona players Patrick Peterson and Chase Edmonds about the quarterback likely not lasting with the Cardinals.

Then Murray responded to a tweet that featured a clip of radio host Colin Cowherd questioning the quarterback’s abilities and work ethic.

Arizona’s starting signal-caller finished up his mini tweet-storm with a simple reply to a post about Keim’s “zero chance” statement earlier in the day.

For the Cardinals fans that have been sweating at night about the thought of the team potentially trading Murray, the quarterback’s tweets on Friday likely provided some much-needed relief.

In a matter of a few hours, Arizona and Murray expressed their serious commitment to each other.

After it felt at times this offseason like a relationship crumbling before everyone’s eyes, it now seems that the Cardinals and their No. 1 quarterback are back on the same page.

Will this commitment from Murray result in Arizona signing him to a lucrative contract extension this offseason? He probably needs to do a little more than just tweet three times, but his chances of remaining with the Cardinals for the long-term certainly feel much higher than they have during the last few weeks.

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