Why the Cardinals are (probably) done signing big-name free agents

(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) Odell Beckham Jr.
(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) Odell Beckham Jr. /

In order to sign some of the most notable names left on the free-agent market, the Arizona Cardinals need something they don’t have, which is money.

With the 2022 NFL Draft now in the rearview mirror, some have been wondering if the Arizona Cardinals will turn back to free agency to see if there is anyone left who can help them during the upcoming season.

Guys like wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., defensive lineman Akiem Hicks, and pass rusher Jadeveon Clowney are some of the remaining free agents that Cardinals fans would probably love to see on their team this year.

These players would definitely make an impact for Arizona next season, there’s no doubt about that. However, there’s just one small problem.

Arizona Cardinals cannot afford to add any of the top remaining free agents this year

Currently, the Cardinals are sitting with $3.09 million in cap space, and $1.89 million of that is effective according to OverTheCap.com, meaning it won’t be needed to sign the team’s incoming rookie class.

This lack of funds pretty much prevents Arizona from signing any of the big-name players that are left in the free-agent pool.

Now, there is a way to free up some additional cap space before next season, but it would require the Cardinals to pay quarterback Kyler Murray.

The good news is that Arizona and Murray are expected to reach an agreement on a new deal this year, meaning the team might actually be able to create some extra spending money to sign more players this summer.

Until then, or until the Cardinals figure out another way to generate more cap space, they’re going to have to search in the bargain bin if they want to add any new veteran players to their roster before next season.

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