Is Kyler Murray worth a Derek Carr-like extension?

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Should Kyler Murray get a contract extension like Derek Carr received?

First things first, this is not a comparison of these two athletically. Kyler Murray is just as different as Derek Carr, and the debate about who is more skilled is not the purpose of this article. Instead, here’s what the pressing question really is: Is Murray worth an extension close to $121 million?

ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler reported that NFL execs expect a deal just above that.

That’s a loaded question and a loaded answer. Murray has his props, elevating Arizona to more wins each year and ending their playoff drought. Murray also gave fans the “Hail Murray,” a play that will live in Cardinals lore forever (Bills fans are still salty).

On the other hand, Murray hasn’t stayed healthy. He’s had some regrettable performances (most notably, any time he plays Detroit). Murray hasn’t also gone about asking for a contract in the most straightforward way and is playing games with the Cardinals.

Should Kyler Murray get the extension that Derek Carr did?

Kyler Murray should get that money, but that’s contingent upon one thing

Murray is this team’s franchise quarterback, and whether fans are with or against Murray, there is no choice. Murray will get his money if he can stay healthy, not be part of the cause of the team dropping games to inferior teams, and getting back to the playoffs.

Those three reasons should be the determining factors of how much money he should get. Personally, I think he will get more than Carr because Murray means more to the Cardinals than Carr has.

But extending him before the season also is a slippery slope. What if Murray performs poorly, and you’re stuck paying him when the result is less than desirable? It’s a situation that Steve Keim has been preparing for years now.

It’s time to see if Murray will be here much longer or shorter than we think.

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