Arizona Cardinals to be featured in mid-season Hard Knocks

(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) Kliff Kingsbury
(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) Kliff Kingsbury /

The Arizona Cardinals will be featured in the new mid-season format of the popular HBO series Hard Knocks. 

Last year, the show that has taken fans behind the scenes of their favorite teams for over 21 seasons introduced a new format that showcased a team during the offseason/preseason and another team during the regular season.

The Detroit Lions will headline the Hard Knocks traditional season this year, and the Arizona Cardinals will be the featured team during their new mid-season format.

The Indianapolis Colts were the first team to have a season focusing on their journey during the regular season, and fans were treated to a behind-the-scenes look at Jonathan Taylor’s amazing 2021 campaign.

In previous seasons, the audience witnessed some of the Antonio Brown drama with the Raiders and was entertained by huge personalities like Jon Gruden.

Why did they choose to follow the Arizona Cardinals?

A personable head coach, a young QB undergoing contract negotiations, a big first-round trade for a young receiver, a superstar receiver returning mid-season from a suspension.

There seem to be a lot of reasons why Hard Knocks would find the Cardinals an exciting team to document in 2022.

After falling short in the Wildcard round in 2021, huge questions are looming over this franchise and what should be expected in 2022.

  • Will a talented offense make up for an underwhelming defense?
  • If contract negotiations don’t go well this summer, what will be Kyler Murray’s future with the team?
  • Can J.J. Watt stay healthy and play at his former DPOY level?

Cardinals fans will probably be conflicted with this news. The final consensus will most likely be determined by what type of season ends up being documented.

If a successful season, fans will love having a documentary to revisit and revel in the victories.

If a disaster, it will be a painful reminder of a season that went awry.

The series will premiere in November on HBO. 

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