Kyler Murray projected to sign 200M-plus contract extension

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Kyler Murray is going to get the money, according to one source.

If there’s any off-season storyline that’s been more consistent in the NFL and more present than Kyler Murray’s contract, you’d be hard-pressed to find that.

Murray has been in the news cycle since the Super Bowl when he made demands about getting a new contract through his agent.

After exercising the fifth-year option for Kyler Murray, talks have shifted to getting him his first significant NFL contract. And it appears that one NFL site is projecting him to get “the bag,” as the young kids say it.

PFF is projecting that Kyler Murray is going to sign a six-year, $280 million deal. That would roughly include 155 million guaranteed, with an average of 46.7 million per year.

That’s way more than what the anonymous NFL GMs were thinking he would get (similar to what Derek Carr received).

Kyler Murray is projected to sign a six-year, 280 million dollar deal

The question to ask yourself is if Murray is worth that much money. If improving a team to a point where a playoff drought is ended, but you perform poorly in the only playoff game of your career, and it inks you that much money, then, by all means, more power to you.

Murray is worth a lot to this franchise, but to say he’s had a Josh Allen or Aaron Rodgers effect on this team would be silly and misguided.

While the Los Angeles Rams showed us that cap space is a lie with their maneuvering of money, I don’t think that works here in Arizona. Therefore, doing a cap analysis on a projected cap hit would be wishful thinking because this deal can easily change.

Somewhere closer to 180 million would be a more suitable extension. But, unfortunately, there’s no other way to slice it; Murray has not performed that well to make almost 50 million a year and collapse down the stretch.

I’m all for players getting their money, and this projection seems a little high. Only time will tell.