Arizona Cardinals can’t continue to draft players and not use them

Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports /

The Arizona Cardinals have a terrible habit of drafting players who never see the field.

Before all the “Only 11 players can play” and “maybe they’re supposed to be a backup for a reason,” I fully understand all of that. As someone who was a backup for most of my college career, I completely understand those points.

However, I’m talking about players that could quickly help the team if they perform well. Players like Eno Benjamin, Zaven Collins, and even Victor Dimukeje. Yet, for some reason, these rookies or younger players never seem to get on the field on Sundays.

Yes, the Arizona Cardinals coaches know best. But if they’re never going to see the field and you’re going to keep the same scout players year after year, why bother drafting these guys anyway?

Take a look at some of the players who haven’t gotten playing time in recent years:

  • Eno Benjamin
  • Zaven Collins
  • Victor Dimukeje
  • Rondale Moore
  • Andy Isabella (honestly not a good fit in Arizona)

The Arizona Cardinals continue to be almost random at drafting, never using the players they need to

Players who have gotten a shot way before they should have included Marco Wilson and Byron Murphy. Murphy’s turned out alright, and Wilson is on his way to a grade. However, continuing to create a backlog at the position does nothing.

Of course, there’s always the need to have depth on the roster. That’s another fair point. But, even with that being said, why do the Cardinals continue to draft players and then put veterans ahead of them?

This year, Darrell Williams and Marquise Brown are the two examples of the above on the roster. Then, just when we’d finally thought we would see Benjamin get some legitimate playing time, Steve Keim said otherwise. If the Cardinals would draft for need for once instead of the “best player available,” this team might just turn the corner.

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