These are the Arizona Cardinals retired jersey numbers

Mandatory Credit: Herb Weitman-USA TODAY NETWORK
Mandatory Credit: Herb Weitman-USA TODAY NETWORK /
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J.V. Cain’s #88 is the fourth number retired for the Arizona Cardinals

J.V Cain was a first-round pick in 1974 out of Colorado, and his speed made him a sought-after wide receiver for the Cardinals, who were in St.Louis at the time.

The Cardinals had just won their first-ever division title the year before his arrival, and the GM at the time (George Boone) said Cain was too good of a player to pass up.

Cain was a backup for most of his career and was primed to be in the best shape of his career in 1979. The Cardinals still traveled for training camp back then, holding it at nearby Lindenwood College.

During a nighttime practice, Cain collapsed on the field. CPR was performed, and he was temporarily revived but died two hours later in the hospital on his 28th birthday.

That’s a creepy occurrence, as Mauldin also died when he was 28. Tillman was 27 at the time of his death as well. What’s with that age range and historic Cardinals players?

May they all rest in peace.