5 players the Arizona Cardinals cannot live without in 2022

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The Arizona Cardinals cannot afford to live without these players. Otherwise, the 2022 season could be heading down the drain.

Luckily, the Arizona Cardinals didn’t catch the injury bug that resided in the San Francisco 49ers’ facility during the 2020 season. But at the same time, they weren’t without their own injuries that led to critical role players missing time.

It doesn’t matter how few a player misses. Even one game can throw a wrench into a team’s plans- especially if they lose. The Arizona Cardinals sure missed these players down the stretch last season.

Before we get into the list, the only honorable mention is DeAndre Hopkins. Served with a six-game suspension for violating the NFL’s PED policy, the Cardinals will have to live without him. A task that no Arizona Cardinals fan ever wanted to see.

player. 32. . . . Kyler Murray. 1

Kyler Murray- Arizona Cardinals QB

Kyler Murray must stay healthy this season. Would a healthy Murray have resulted in the Cardinals finally beating the Carolina Panthers for the first time since the 2013 season? To make this have even more pressure is the fact that Murray has never played a complete season in the NFL.

In what could be a true contract year, Murray needs to be at 100 percent for the entire season. Of course, he can only control so much. But it’s easier to be consistent when you’re out there every week instead of having three weeks off and then trying to pick everything back up,