Arizona Cardinals’ D.J. Humphries dunks on non-Kyler Murray future believers

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

The Arizona Cardinals Left Tackle has had enough with the talk about Kyler Murray potentially not being in town.

So much, so that D.J. Humphries had to dunk on those who continued to believe and hope that Kyler Murray wasn’t a part of the Arizona Cardinals.

So in a press conference yesterday, Humphries spoke his mind and delivered a quote that may stick around for quite some time (especially if the season goes well for the Cardinals).

This is a welcomed statement after what went on earlier this year before the draft with all of the drama surrounding Murray’s contract. Humphries is sticking up for his quarterback off the field just like he does when they’re both on it.

The Arizona Cardinals could use more statements like these

Let’s face it; the Cardinals have never really had a player be mainstream for the stuff that he’d say since Tyrann Mathieu was on the team. Before that, anyone’s suggestion is valid. Humphries sticking up for Murray is an excellent sign that there’s solidarity between them.

After concerns about Murray’s leadership, this is a way to quiet those thoughts. The Cardinals will get a contract done with Murray this offseason; it’s just a matter of time. The only reason to have any sort of skepticism is if the season arrives and there’s no deal done.

Humphries also later spoke that he himself is confident he’ll get a contract extension too, saying the equivalent of “there are only so many left tackles in the league, and you already have one”.

Bravo, Mr. Humphries- it’s just what this team and fanbase needed. Let’s hope these two can take the next step and win a playoff game in 2022.

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