Kyler Murray is league’s most under pressure quarterback

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Kyler Murray
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Kyler Murray’s leadership will be put to the test in year four

Lots have been said about Murray’s leadership (or, to some, the lack thereof). It’s one of the many dynamic topics that have overtaken the league and divided Cardinals fans.

The story that Murray allegedly didn’t want to go back into the wildcard drudging against the L.A. Rams isn’t a great look either. So can Kyler Murray turn it around and lead his team to stop them from collapsing for the third year in a row?

Not all leadership is seen, and perhaps there’s a lot we don’t know or see during the broadcast about Murray getting his team to respond to adversity. But, it’s safe to say that many Cardinals fans would welcome just a little outward expression of emotion when things get tough.

Managing, performing, and leading will be why Murray is under the most pressure this year. But, no matter how close it is, all of this will disappear if Murray can win a playoff game.

We’ll see what happens if Murray can’t win that playoff game if we get there.

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