Predicting the Arizona Cardinals NFC West divisional record

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Arizona Cardinals vs. Los Angeles Rams: Weeks 3 & 10

Let’s be real; having to sit through multiple appearances of the NFC West teams making it to the Super Bowl over the last decade or so has gotten old. It’s also been the most annoying thing when the Seahawks and Rams won their titles.

Even more annoying is the fact that the Los Angeles Rams are continuing to get better, somehow bending and twisting the cap to make it more like the MLB, where cap space doesn’t count. The Cardinals did little to upgrade their roster, especially at the cornerback position.

That’s what makes the Rams so scary. Cooper Kupp is already going to be a problem, but add Allen Robinson and  Matthew Stafford on a contract extension, and there’s going to be some big-time plays.

With the first matchup coming within the six-week suspension of DeAndre Hopkins, the Cardinals will be in constant pursuit of the Rams. Unfortunately, I am not confident they’ll be competitive in that first matchup. Did I mention that Aaron Donald is back again?

At best, this is going to be a split series. But the chances of losing both matchups are a real threat. So Steve Keim has to find another game-changer before the season begins in order to help the Arizona Cardinals’ case for the playoffs.

Prediction: 1-1 against Los Angeles, 4-2 projected finish

The Cardinals can still get a playoff spot with this divisional record. They’ll just have to avoid a late-season collapse in order to get a good seed.