Arizona Cardinals releasing Chandler Jones isn’t that big of a deal

Mandatory Credit: Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports /

The Arizona Cardinals decided to let Chandler Jones move on from the team.

After several years with the Arizona Cardinals, Chandler Jones headed north to go play for the Las Vegas Raiders. Jones became the all-time sack leader for the Cardinals during his tenure here, passing the late and great Freddie Joe Nunn.

While Jones will be remembered for that and a handful of other moments, it’s time to focus on something that keeps trying to get made out as a big deal. The simple fact that Jones left the Cardinals is not a big deal at all.

Take the 2020 Cardinals. Jones was coming off of a 19-sack season, including four in a big upset win of the Seattle Seahawks on the road late in the year. Jones tore his bicep in Week 5 and missed the rest of the year.

What happened to the Cardinals’ sack totals? Absolute perfection, given the circumstances. Vance Joseph had the Arizona Cardinals finish fourth in sacks with 48. Tell me why losing a declining player like Jones is something to lose sleep over?

Arizona Cardinals releasing Chandler Jones will not change the defense that much

It’s not like the Cardinals are going to miss Jones that much. Jones got one heck of a matchup with Taylor Lewan’s first game coming back from surgery, and boy, did he take advantage of it.

The rest of the year? It was quieter than a night in Winslow. Jones failed to make an impact the rest of the year, getting five more sacks past Week 1’s five-sack outing.

For those who are saying that the Cardinals’ inaction to replace Jones is a big deal, it’s really not. The simple reason for that is Steve Keim’s flat-out refusal to sign anyone at all this offseason compared to years past.

The Cardinals have only themselves to blame if Cam Thomas and Myjai Sanders don’t make an impact.

It was the slowest offseason the team has had in years, and after the initial wave of free agency, anyone expecting a move is a king of wishful thinking.

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