Cardinals coaches loving Kyler Murray & Hollywood Brown’s Chemistry

(Photo by Todd Olszewski/Getty Images)
(Photo by Todd Olszewski/Getty Images) /

The Arizona Cardinals are reaping the benefits with the new Kyler Murray and Marquise “Hollywood” Brown duo.

As we slowly progress through the offseason, any news for the fans of the Cardinals is welcomed. It’s even better when it’s good news about the team’s quarterback, Kyler Murray. Jeremy Fowler of ESPN reported that the Cardinals’ gutsy trade is going well.

On Sunday Morning, Fowler had this to say about the Cardinals’ newest duo:

"“The Cardinals are thrilled with the chemistry that they do have. They’ve already worked together some this offseason…And in fact, I’m told the Cardinals aren’t really even worried about these two as much as assimilating Rondale Moore, their second-year receiver, into a bigger role because he’s going to take over some of that Christian Kirk inside-outside play that they had last year now that Kirk is in Jacksonville.”"

To hear some positive news about Kyler Murray’s chemistry after A.J. Green openly admitted it was a problem for the Cardinals earlier this offseason is a great thing to hear. Plus, the fact that the Cardinals are working to ensure that Rondale Moore doesn’t become “Andy Isabella 2.0” should make Cardinals fans more comfortable heading into the season.

Arizona Cardinals are raving for the Kyler Murray-Marquise Brown chemistry

Fowler also had more to say about Brown:

"“But, this is a player [Brown] that has a bit to prove leaguewide. You talk to teams, they haven’t always felt that he’s like a top-top guy. Sometimes they question his toughness in the past. But he’s coming off a pretty good year in Baltimore. He plans to use Arizona as a springboard to become that upper-echelon player and it could result in a contract extension at some point with the Cardinals. I think they’re open to that.”"

Once again, this is excellent news to hear, read, and see. If Brown can become an effective weapon with DeAndre Hopkins out of the lineup for the first six weeks, then it’s only going to become even more of a problem for opposing defenses to stop.

This is a critical step in doing so especially with the Cardinals’ fan base that’s starving to get back to their NFC West dominance. The first six games of the schedule were seen as an absolute gauntlet when it was first released.

How do Cardinals fans feel about the first six games after hearing this news? I feel a bit better about the move, and if everything goes well, the Cardinals could have their first dynamic wide receiving trio since Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin, and Steve Breaston back in 2008.

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