Arizona Cardinals are in good hands with Isaiah Simmons’ leadership

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) Isaiah Simmons
(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) Isaiah Simmons /

Isaiah Simmons was a slam-dunk of a draft pick in 2020 for the Arizona Cardinals.

When the draft order got to the Arizona Cardinals with the eighth overall pick, it had come down between Iowa’s Tristan Wirfs or Clemson’s Isaiah Simmons. Instead, the Cardinals went with Simmons, and despite a learning year in 2020, he took one heck of a step in 2021.

When Simmons spoke to the media on Tuesday, there were two things that stood out. First, his interactions on the field with Zaven Collins. Simmons explained that he felt that Collins was “just happy to be here [on the practice field]” during the 2021 season.

Talk about a heavy statement, but it’s exactly what the Arizona Cardinals need- a leader on the defense that’s not Budda Baker or J.J. Watt. Simmons went on to explain that he’s
“not here to make friends with anybody.” Referring to how every team’s goal is to get the Lombardi trophy when it’s all said and done.

While those were words of tough love from Simmons, he further admitted that he and Collins are pretty solid friends now. So any notion that there may be some intra-Cardinal discord for one another should be extinguished.

The Arizona Cardinals and Isaiah Simmons himself both have hopes of him taking on a bigger leadership role.

The Cardinals have always lacked a voice on the defense, and if there was someone who led the defense, it was only one person. The only exception is the 2008 team, but historically speaking, you catch my drift.

This is a refreshing thing to hear and see for the Cardinals. Simmons has a chance to be really good, and it wouldn’t take much to get him up near the ranks of Karlos Dansby.

Simply put, the Arizona Cardinals need Simmons’ leadership, as Watt’s time is dwindling. Let’s hope it continues, and he is a rock for a young team that genuinely needs it.

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