The three worst Arizona Cardinals trades of all-time

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The Arizona Cardinals botched Ottis Anderson’s career with the team

For those younger fans who may not know who Ottis Anderson is and his impact on the Cardinals, let me sum it up this way: he is the team’s all-time leading rusher. With 7,999 yards. In his first seven seasons with the team, Anderson had five 1,000-yard rushing seasons.

Why was Anderson traded? Injuries had started to prevent him from seeing the field, and the emergence of Stump Mitchell (another classic Cardinals name) made Anderson “expendable” in some fashion.

Anderson was traded for a second and seventh-round picks that didn’t make up for the lopsided trade. Instead, the Cards got rid of their all-time leading rusher for pennies on the dollar, and even Anderson hated the trade.

That was, at least, initially. Anderson would win two Super Bowls and a Super Bowl MVP with the Giants. Just imagine if the Cardinals never traded him away- what would’ve changed?