What’s it going to take for the Arizona Cardinals to put Kingsbury and Keim on the hot seat?


It seems that the Arizona Cardinals are going with a low-pressure approach to their head coaching and general manager’s performance.

After three improvement seasons that saw the Arizona Cardinals notch more wins each year, there seems to be no pressure from the team’s owner, Michael Bidwill. Perhaps this is Bidwill’s way of thinking outside the box.

But is this approach any good for a team that hasn’t accomplished anything other than a miserable drubbing on Monday Night Football in the wildcard round last year? They say “pressure makes diamonds,” but there’s hardly any pressure in the Cardinals organization.

That makes sense as to why Kyler Murray’s contract has taken eons to figure out, and as of this writing, it still isn’t done. There’s a ton of summer left to go, but waiting much longer only instills more uncertainty in the fanbase.

Kingsbury’s comments didn’t help the situation either, giving us an inside look at what could be happening.

If the Arizona Cardinals whiff big in 2022, what will happen to Kingsbury and Keim?

Is that what we’ve come to? Where is the vigor that Keim came on the scene as a general manager with? Especially after that 58-0 loss to the Seattle Seahawks almost ten years ago to date. That’s what Keim said would never happen again.

The only difference between that game and the wildcard is that the Rams didn’t score as many points but arguably embarrassed the Cardinals more than that drubbing in 2012.

It’s time that Bidwill puts some pressure on these two. Although it’s probably too late for that, as the duo was extended into 2027. It would take a disastrous year for them to finally get on the hot seat.

It wouldn’t be a great thing to go through, but it could be a silver lining if the Cardinals ever get to that situation. So let’s hope for success first and foremost.

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