3 reasons Ndamukong Suh should sign with the Cardinals over the Raiders

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Arizona Cardinals
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Ndamukong Suh would have a much bigger impact with the Arizona Cardinals than the Raiders

The Arizona Cardinals truly need Suh in the middle of the defense. Is a 3-4 defense a lot to ask someone of Suh’s age and mileage regarding his NFL career? Yes.

Can he handle it? Definitely, the Cardinals’ rushing defense was gouged last year, and the Week 2 performance of Dalvin Cook was an embarrassment and a half. Arizona gave up the 13th-most rushing yards in the league last year.

Suh’s ability to command double teams only frees up more holes for the position group that the Cardinals really want to be the stars: the linebackers. Suh has plenty of tools to wreak havoc inside the B gaps of an offensive line.

A secondary benefit is that Suh would get two chances at Matthew Stafford, the quarterback that knocked him out of the playoffs last year. A chance to settle that potential beef with Stafford could be an incentive to don the Cardinal red in 2022.

On top of that, he’d rack up a ton of stats against the lowly Seattle Seahawks and below-average San Francisco 49ers’ offensive line.