Budda Baker Tweets his displeasure with DeAndre Hopkins’ suspension

Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports /

Budda Baker has already had enough of DeAndre Hopkins’ time away from the Arizona Cardinals.

Budda Baker is feeling the same way that many Arizona Cardinals fans do when it comes to DeAndre Hopkins’ suspension. That is to the point of taking it to Twitter and becoming the first teammate of Hopkins to show support.

Baker tweeted out “FREE HOP!” yesterday, but it didn’t gain much traction. Usually, with Tweets like these, other players see it and jump in the comments or the retweets. Unfortunately, no other Cardinals player has joined Baker in his quest for support of Hopkins.

Hopkins was suspended for six games due to a trace of Ostarine, a compound that tells muscle receptors to grow outside of their normal functions. It is often found in bodybuilding supplements or taken by those with breast cancer to stop muscle loss.

Someone should tell Budda Baker that the Arizona Cardinals have moved on

This is an awkward thing to say after the suspension was already given out. The only reason the NFL world found out about it was that Hopkins dropped his appeal right before the NFL Draft.

So why wait almost two full months to say anything of support for Hopkins? Why wouldn’t more teammates of his step up and join Baker? I’m not saying that Hopkins did it intentionally, but the NFL has been uber-strict on this for years.

Players probably don’t want to join in and get into the “ethics” of the debate that could happen here. Unfortunately, there’s little chance that this gets shortened, and thanks to Roger Goodell being one of the most unpredictable commissioners of all time, there’s not much you can expect to happen.

As for Baker, the love for his teammates is undeniable. Of course, everyone wishes Hopkins could be out there. But at this point, what’s done is done. It will be a tough six weeks, but if this truly is a championship team, the Arizona Cardinals will get through it.

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