This is the most overrated Rams player the Arizona Cardinals have to face

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

The Arizona Cardinals face a lot of talent, but some players get more than what they deserve.

The NFC West is still one of the league’s best divisions, even after Russell Wilson departed from it. As the Arizona Cardinals look to prepare for the upcoming 2022 NFL season, there are a few players in their division that get way too much credit.

Our first candidate comes from the Los Angeles Rams. Who is it?

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The Rams have a ton of talent, most notably their wide receivers with Cooper Kupp and Allen Robinson (and potentially Odell Beckham Jr.). But one player that gets too much credit is their tight end, Tyler Higbee.

Higbee has never made a Pro Bowl and hasn’t had more than five touchdowns in a season. His best yardage output was in 2019, when he topped 700 yards. While he does have the 15th-most receiving yards since 2015, he has hardly done anything against the Arizona Cardinals.

In nine games against the Cardinals, Higbee averages only 30 yards receiving per game.

Tyler Higbee is the most overrated Los Angeles Rams player the Arizona Cardinals have to deal with

Last year, Higbee only played one game against the Cardinals. That was the Week 4 loss to the Cardinals, and he missed the late-season matchup due to injury. So if this seems a little out of the blue, that’s why.

Tight ends have haunted the Cardinals for years (remember the Yeremiah Bell days in 2012?). As long as Higbee is around, the Cardinals will need to keep an eye on him as Higbee has 18 career red-zone touchdowns, the area where he catches the most of his scores.

That’s arguably the main reason why Higbee is overrated; despite his production from the 21-50 range on the field, that’s over five seasons of work. He gets  (1,195 yards/93 career games) 12 yards per game in that range on average, and suddenly he’s a guy who deserves a ton of praise?

He’d have to consistently get more targets and production to live up to the hype.

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