Kyler Murray’s mandatory film sessions in contract are a huge, embarrassing red flag

(Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images) Kyler Murray
(Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images) Kyler Murray /

As the NFL world continues to find out more about Kyler Murray’s contract, the more mind-boggling the details become.

Now that Kyler Murray is the second-highest paid quarterback per year behind Aaron Rodgers, the pressure is now higher than ever. So what’s the best way other than winning to make fans of the Arizona Cardinals feel better about the near 230 million dollar extension their team just handed out?

By none other than making it mandatory and a written stipulation in Murray’s contract that he needs to watch four hours of game film per week. This can’t be real, right? This absolutely confirms that Murray hadn’t been doing it in the years prior.

Was he too busy with his Faze clan stuff or other video games? Look, everyone deserves to do whatever they want to while away from their job.

But moderation is essential, and video games are one of the only things Murray does outside of going to basketball games and doing charity appearances and related outings.

Kyler Murray’s biggest problem was that he didn’t study film enough

Before the “You can’t blame everything on Murray, it’s a team game SMH”-ers start chirping, teams in the NFL live and die by how their quarterback does. Does watching film automatically make you a Hall of Famer and unbeatable? No.

But when the Cardinals and their fans are searching for reasons why collapses keep happening down the stretch and see stuff like this? It’s a PR nightmare for the Cardinals. Watching film of your opponent is a crucial aspect to do in any professional sport.

And yes, there is a thing of too much film watching- ask Sean McVay how Super Bowl LIII went. But, of course, this also changes the optics if this trio of Murray, Steve Keim, and Kliff Kingsbury don’t succeed.

Specifically, in terms of how bad the franchise could be considered to be giving a passer 230 million dollars who didn’t watch film. I’m not saying Murray is JaMarcus Russell in terms of skill, but there’s a reason we flashback to Russell- a former first overall pick who didn’t watch or study at all.

Murray must produce more than ever. Otherwise, Cardinals and football fans will only remember this and the fact that he replaced Josh Rosen.

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