Kyler Murray holds impromptu press conference about study concerns, but questions remain


Kyler Murray has had enough of all the talk about his contract. 

In a string of recent, unplanned events for the Arizona Cardinals, Kyler Murray was heated about the new notion that he didn’t watch game film. On Thursday, he held an impromptu press conference to dispel those negative tags trying to be attached to him.

Here’s Kyler Murray’s four-minute statement; take a listen for yourself:

There are instant takeaways from Kyler Murray’s press conference

I credit Murray for coming out and speaking out about this. However, Murray leaves more questions than answers from this press conference in my eyes.

First (and this may be semantics at this point), Murray talked about how this whole scenario is “almost a joke.” If it was, and Murray felt that way, why not just that it’s 100 percent a joke? Why not give us more details on why you think that way?

Secondly, Murray’s listing of past accomplishments has had nothing to do with the NFL except being drafted. A lot of first-overall draft picks (especially quarterbacks) don’t succeed; heck, only eight of them have won a Super Bowl.

The only things Murray has accomplished are a Rookie of the Year award and two Pro Bowls. I personally don’t believe Pro Bowls mean anything anymore because everyone opts out, but that’s a discussion for another article.

The NFL is a “what have you done for me lately,” and lately, all the entire football world has had to work with is that 34-11 loss to the Rams. But, whatever your takeaways are, one thing that’s certain is that this will follow Kyler Murray for his entire career until he wins a Super Bowl.

It’s going to be an endless, droning series of questions that won’t end until he gets a ring.

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