Did previous bad business decisions force Cardinals to sign Kyler Murray?

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Kyler Murray
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Can the Cardinals’ latest acquisitions help Kyler Murray become a legend in the NFL?

They traded their 1st round pick for wide receiver Marquise Brown who will cost them $2.1MM this season and $13.4MM next year who has 21 total touchdowns in 3 years.  They also traded for tight end Zach Ertz, a 31 year old tight end who in 11 games last year gave the Cardinals 574 yards and 3 touchdowns.  Then, they used their 2nd round pick on another tight end in Trey McBride.

Who is protecting your now $230.5M investment? Why D.J. Humphries and Kelvin Beachum of course. Both of them are on expiring contracts as well as guards Will Hernandez and Justin Pugh.

I listened to a lot of talk show hosts say the Arizona Cardinals had no choice but to sign Murray to a huge contract. I read a lot of articles that said they had to sign Kyler to a large lucrative deal. I don’t believe that.

I believe that bad signings, bad contracts, and overall bad decisions gave Kyler and his agent all the advantages they needed. The Cardinals signed a bad General Manager who makes questionable decisions at best.

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The Cardinals signed a Head Coach who consistently can’t finish a season on a winning upswing and because of that is only an average coach. But, both of them are now under contracts with the Arizona Cardinals until 2027.

Murray is the best, youngest thing they have, so Arizona had to pay him now, despite them not wanting to. They wanted to see what he could do on his rookie contract,  but they could not. Not because Murray and his camp forced their hand. But because the totality of bad business decisions literally backed the organization into their own corner.

Ben Solak of the ringer wrote an article that made me do research and write this article. He titled the article “Kyler Murray Got Paid. Now the Pressure Is On” but that is not the case.

Keim, Kliff and Kyler are all under contract. There is no pressure. All any of the 3 of them have ever shown any Cardinal fans are potential. Keim’s signings need to perform, Kingsbury needs to win for a full season and Kyler needs to turn potential into play-off victories.

But, there is hope. My wife and I have been happily married for over 30 years now. If Murray and the Cardinals can provide the following in the next ten years: Six Division titles, two Wild Card wins and two Super Bowls with one win, then I am happy. Despite any bad business decisions.

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