3 reasons the Arizona Cardinals should pass on Roquan Smith

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Trading for Roquan Smith would hinder the development of Arizona Cardinals draft picks

Steve Keim really stuck his neck out for Zaven Collins in the 2021 draft, shocking the entire fanbase. What didn’t help the fact that this was the second-consecutive linebacker taken is the fact that Collins not only wasn’t playing very much, but a shoulder injury also forced him to miss time.

Now with so much pressure on Collins to be the first-round pick he (probably shouldn’t have been) is, what good would it do to his NFL career to trade for a potential one-year rental in Smith? Unfortunately, the answer is “None at all.”

Whether you like or dislike Collins, you can’t bail on a first-round pick unless he’s a Josh Rosen-level of bad. Unfortunately, we don’t know where Collins truly lies on that because rookies don’t usually play in Vance Joseph’s defenses since his arrival in Arizona in 2019.

This would be another player in a crowded position group or depth chart, with many younger, lesser-known players also trying to get looks. Unfortunately, having too many cooks in the kitchen results in nothing getting done because they’re all busy trying to do the same thing.

I have one more rebuttal for those thinking that the cap hit would be worth it.