3 winners and losers from the Arizona Cardinals win over Bengals

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The third loser of the Arizona Cardinals: The team’s social media department

After the game, the Arizona Cardinals social media team continued their cringeworthy post-game bragging from last season. This time, they did something nobody has ever done in the history of Twitter: they posted this embarrassing graphic at the end of the game, as if the Bengals had talked smack beforehand:

Someone needs to tell the Cardinals that bad publicity is actually a thing. They just can’t really stay out of the spotlight for the wrong reasons, can they? The team had the “study clause” debacle which made the Cardinals into a laughingstock a few weeks ago.

Now you want to Tweet this after a preseason  game? Look, we can be excited about the game and the win. But this is way too far on so many levels and it gives other teams bulletin board material.

Hopefully that Tweet gets deleted soon, otherwise the Cardinals will get ripped big time whenever they lose this year.

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