Top 8 Bold Predictions for the Arizona Cardinals 2022 season

Mandatory Credit: Rob Schumacher-Arizona RepublicNfl Cardinals Daily Training Camp
Mandatory Credit: Rob Schumacher-Arizona RepublicNfl Cardinals Daily Training Camp /
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The Arizona Cardinals are under pressure to succeed more than ever in 2022.

After an offseason of constant drama with Kyler Murray’s contract, the Arizona Cardinals have a long way to go to erase the negative connotations surrounding their team. After three straight seasons of second-half collapses, it will take some significant changes to change their perception.

That’s why these eight bold predictions will change that for the Arizona Cardinals. The team should have plenty of motivation after their divisional rival Los Angeles Rams, ran over them en route to a Super Bowl title.

These bold predictions are in no particular order, and let’s get into the first one:

Arizona Cardinals bold prediction number one:

Scouting Report. . Kyler Murray Wins team's first MVP Award. 1. 32. Pick Analysis. . player

In what should have gone to Kurt Warner and Carson Palmer in 2008 and 2015, respectively, Kyler Murray’s new supporting cast will help Murray become the Arizona Cardinals first league MVP. Kliff Kingsbury has to have enough in his offensive personnel to get him there, and the acquisition of Trey McBride can really change how this offense runs.

Because of a poor cornerback group, Murray will have to win a lot of shootouts, barnburners, or whatever other term one wants to use. Murray will become the first Cardinals quarterback to pass for 40 touchdowns or more as well.

Murray has the skill and scrambling abilities to extend drives that can help the Cardinals convert key plays to keep the offense going. This is because when you add up where each of the Cardinals’ opponents finished in least passing yards allowed and divide them (14 different opponents), it comes out to an average of 15.5.

The Cardinals have the eighth-hardest strength of schedule, but there is a chance the redbirds can take advantage of an average passing defense rating.