Arizona Cardinals: Breaking Down Kyler Murray’s Crazy Comeback Win

Kyler Murray pulled off one of the most improbable comeback wins in Arizona Cardinals history, so how did it all go down?

Last week I discussed Kyler Murray’s growth into the leader the franchise and fanbase have been desperately waiting for after a crushing defeat in Week 1. This week, the Cardinals got to celebrate a true ‘Victory Monday’ for the first time in the 2022 season.

Cardinals fans will tell you that this type of comeback win wasn’t possible for its team last season. Kyler Murray and Kliff Kingsbury had yet to really get on the same page and were clearly still working through the kinks, but this isn’t the 2021 season anymore.

Kyler Murray led the team to a transcendent win at the helm of a 29-23 overtime victory after being down 23-7 in the fourth quarter on the road. The unrelenting seven point showing for the Cardinals was finally broken after a massive 4th and 4 connection between Murray and Marquise Brown for 24 yards to set up a 1-yard TD run by Darrel Williams.

After an elite display of athleticism and decision-making, Kyler was able to cover over 85 yards and eventually earn the 2-point conversion with his legs (yes you read that correctly).

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray’s improbable comeback showed growth

With 8:13 left in the game, the Cards were miraculously only down eight points. The Kyler Murray of old would have thrown the towel in down 20-0 at half, or even 23-7 midway through the fourth quarter as fans have seen in previous seasons.

But Murray has been a winner all his life, even setting records for his career win/loss from grade school throughout college. Though the NFL will humble even the greatest stars until they inevitably sink or swim.

As I wrote last week, Kyler shined as a composed leader in a game that the team essentially had no chance in due to key injuries, lack of organization, and a Patrick Mahomes masterpiece, but this week Murray took over a seemingly unwinnable game and led his team to a historic comeback despite all the media criticism he’s been given…just what the doctor ordered for Arizona Cardinals fans in Week2. Two words… Murray. Magic.