Another dose of drama just hit the Arizona Cardinals

Cardinals offensive line coach Sean Kugler talks to reporters during a news conference on Feb. 13.Cardinals
Cardinals offensive line coach Sean Kugler talks to reporters during a news conference on Feb. 13.Cardinals /

If the Arizona Cardinals thought the drama surrounding their tumultuous 4-9 season ended, they were wrong. Here’s the latest situation. 

Sean Kugler, who was fired from the Arizona Cardinals following an incident during the team’s stay in Mexico City in November, is back in the news again. This time, he is filing arbitration against the franchise for what is being labeled “mysterious allegations,” and/or “unsubstantiated allegations.”

Per Shields Pettini, the law firm Kugler hired on his behalf, the Cardinals fired the offensive line coach “without conducting a thorough investigation or interviewing him.” Here is another direct quote from attorney Michael Pettini:

"“The allegations against Coach Kugler are simply untrue and have caused Sean, his wife and family enormous personal and professional damage. Coach and his family have been desperate to understand from the Cardinals front office and others what rationale or evidence was used to terminate him for cause.” – via the Associated Press."

Arizona Cardinals could be in trouble if Kugler’s allegations are true

Clearly, if the Arizona Cardinals did not provide a thorough investigation if it is revealed Kugler did not commit such an act, they can land themselves in hot water regarding any type of damage to Kugler’s image and reputation. While the Cardinals released its own statement backing its decision to fire Kugler, this is a situation that could further tarnish the reputation of a franchise that has seen drama galore over this year.

It started with the questionable contract extensions given to head coach Kliff Kingsbury and general manager Steve Keim. Then there was the entire “independent study” fiasco involving quarterback Kyler Murray’s contract extension, a clause the Cardinals ultimately revoked.

Of course, Murray’s regression also filled headlines, plus his spats with Kingsbury, teammates, and former teammates before his ultimate ACL tear. Finally, there was Keim taking a leave of absence on Wednesday, the same day Kugler filed for arbitration.

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Hopefully, the Cardinals did their homework before firing Kugler and the “different set of facts” they mentioned in their statement justify the firing. If it is discovered this was a case of “mistaken identity,” it will be yet another fiasco for a franchise that has seen plenty of them this season.

Article Source: Fired former Cardinals assistant Sean Kugler requests arbitration by the Associated Press

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